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Training & Safety

The Training & Safety division is tasked with:Car 2 Camera 050113 025

  • Career Development
  • Fire Department Special Operation Units
  • Trench
  • Confined Space
  • High Angle/Rope Rescue
  • Fire Department Safety Program

The Training & Safety division is charged with the responsibility of providing all Fire, Rescue and EMS continuing education training and re-certification, specialty training such as collapse/trench rescue training, Confined Space, Haz-Mat, Technical Rescue, Emergency Medical Technician/Medical Responder requirements. Firefighter recruitment and initial training also falls under Training & Safety. The Training & Safety division serves a diverse workforce of 82 members including all ranks and divisions.

Firefighters are required to receive 240 training hours each year. Training can consist of facilities training, company training, officer training, drivers training, hazardous material training, new driver training, and recruit training. The Training division is responsible for maintaining proper training records to provide during inspection.

To contact the Training Division, please call 919-580-4260.

The City of Goldsboro is a rapidly growing city and the Goldsboro Fire Department does what is necessary to keep up with the diverse and ever changing emergency situations that may arise. The Training Section is currently managed by an Assistant Chief and a Training Captain. The City of Goldsboro Fire Department operates in partnership with Wayne Community College, The NC Office of the State Fire Marshal and other area colleges that support the fire service.

Training includes hands-on, classroom-based, in-station company based training, etc., but training never stops. The Goldsboro Fire Department has many certified fire instructors that assist in the many different disciplines of training that our personnel are required to have annually.

If you have any questions about out-of-state or current in-state regulations regarding Firefighter or EMT certifications, please contact the NC Office of State Fire Marshal or North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Service.

NC Office of State Fire Marshal:

Water Rescue Training

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