Chief Joseph Dixon

Chief Joseph Dixon is the current Fire Chief, joining the department in July of 2018. He has made tremendous advancements in the department in his short time here. He implemented a reorganization of the department to include the positions of Deputy Chief and Lieutenant allowing for more advancement opportunities within the department. This reorganization was also a cost-saving effort not only within the department, but the city of Goldsboro. He has encouraged new and differing training opportunities to allow the personnel to grow in their knowledge of the fire service. Chief Dixon is an advocate, not only for the employees of GFD, but for the citizens of Goldsboro as well.

Chief Dixon is seen here with students at a local elementary school during our coat donation drive.

Chief Dixon donates personal funds to make a scholarship through Wayne Community College possible.

Chief Dixon leads by example of how we should be involved in the community. He loves any opportunity to interact with the citizens of Goldsboro!