Chief Leslie Yelverton

Chief Leslie Yelverton served as Fire Chief of the Goldsboro Fire Department beginning in 1919. He served in a combination capacity as part volunteer, part paid employee. He was also the City Building Inspector beginning in 1923 as well as working with Yelverton Hardware Company. Chief Yelverton was instrumental in improving the state of the Goldsboro Fire Department. During his time, three pieces of motorized equipment were purchased. He also helped with improvements in the water system, fire alarm system, and added eight full-time fire fighter positions to the department. These accomplishments allowed the department’s ISO (Insurance Classification) to be upgraded to a level 5. While that rating was good for the size and capabilities of the department, Chief Yelverton continued to strive for an even higher rating through the remainder of his time with Goldsboro Fire Department. Chief Yelverton’s health began to break during the year 1927, eventually leading to his passing later that year. The work and effort Chief Yelverton had done for Goldsboro Fire Department was not forgotten.