Hiring Process

Applications must be submitted online. Click HERE to apply.

Each year after the hiring process has been completed, the Command Staff will compile a list of the top candidates to be hired for the next year upon job opening.

For more information, please contact our Assistant Chief of Training at 919-580-4260.

  • Candidate Physical Agility Test: Applicants will be scheduled to attend the orientation for CPAT. Orientation is highly recommended but is not mandatory. All applicants who choose not to attend Orientation will be required to sign a waiver.
  • Criminal History and Driving Record: Applicants will bring a copy of their criminal history and driving records from the last seven years. These documents must be authentic in nature, from a reputable and official source.
  • Work Keys Certificate: Applicants will be required to submit a Work Keys Job Skill Certificate which can be obtained from any NC Community College. Applicants from out of state can go to www.act.org. The cost for the certificate is $36.00 locally but may vary depending on where the assessment is taken. Once the assessment has been completed you are required to register your scores online at www.myworkkeys.com. For further information and practice test, please visit www.act.org. You may also contact Wayne Community College for a study lab to prepare or if you would like additional information on how to obtain certification.
  • Candidate Interview: Applicants who successfully complete the CPAT are then considered candidates and are scheduled for a structured interview before a panel.
  • Background/Reference Check: Candidates who are selected for further consideration will have a background check conducted by the City.
  • Conditional Offer of Employment: As the department needs to fill vacancies, candidates are scheduled for a conditional offer of employment, which outlines what is expected of the candidate during the first year of employment.
  • Drug Test Screening: After a conditional offer of employment, a drug screening test must be conducted and provide negative results to be hired.
  • Medical Screening: Candidates must meet the medical requirements set forth in OSHA 1910.156, 1910.134 and 1910.120.