Wayne Auto Salvage Fire

November 6, 1998 is a day that GFD hopes is never repeated. Fire crews from GFD were dispatched to Wayne Auto Salvage for a structure fire to aid Thouroughfare and Arrington Fire Departments. After ventilating the structure, crews entered with hose line. After a few minutes of fire attack at the source of the fire, crews were instructed to exit the structure to reconvene and strategize a different attack plan. Upon exiting the structure, a blast of heat and smoke knocked several members of the crews onto the ground. Most were able to get out of the structure with minimal injuries. However, two firefighters lost their lives that day, one being from Goldsboro Fire Department. Robby Blizzard had just completed a 24 hour shift at GFD and was volunteering with Arrington Fire Department. Sidney Jones was the other person that lost his life that day and was the Chief of Thoroughfare Fire Department.