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Training/Recruitment Division 919-580-4265, Option 1
Event Scheduling/Station Tour 919-580-4265, Option 2
Fire Marshal’s Office/Fire Inspections 919-580-4265, Option 3
Office of the Fire Chief 919-580-4265, Option 4
General Information/Questions 919-580-4265, Option 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GFD provide civilian fire extinguisher training?2021-02-10T14:29:21+00:00

GFD does not provide civilian fire extinguisher training. The best way to obtain training for the public would be to contact the company that provides your actual fire extinguishers.

Where do I go to get my fire extinguisher filled?2021-02-10T14:22:09+00:00

It is important that your fire extinguisher is filled in the event it is needed in an emergency situation. We do not fill extinguishers here at Goldsboro Fire Department. There are several fire extinguisher companies in Goldsboro though that are able to provide that service to you.

Who do we contact for Hydrant Flow Testing?2020-10-15T19:51:35+00:00

Hydrant Flow Testing is performed by Goldsboro Fire Department. However, a permit must be applied for prior to the testing. Contact the City of Goldsboro Inspections Department at 919-580-4389 for questions about applying for a permit.

There is a fire hydrant on my property. Am I allowed to have anything near it?2020-10-15T17:43:24+00:00

Fire Hydrants should have a clearance of 3 feet in all directions. This means that all fencing, shrubbery, decorations, and any other objects should be kept clear of the hydrants.

When I call for an ambulance, why is a fire truck also dispatched?2021-02-10T14:31:57+00:00

Our firefighters are medically trained and often respond to assist EMS with medical care. In some instances, we can arrive on scene prior to EMS and begin assessing the situation.

When I call and cancel a fire alarm, why does the Fire Department still respond?2020-10-15T13:34:00+00:00

We will still respond to verify that the alarm is false or the incident is a non-emergency situation. It is our policy to respond regardless of a cancellation.

Where can I get a fire report?2020-07-27T16:24:10+00:00

You can obtain a fire report for any incident within the city limits of Goldsboro by stopping by our Public Safety Complex at 204 S Center St. Report fees are $2 each and we accept cash or check. You may have a report mailed, but payment must be submitted beforehand.

We are doing a Fire Drill for our location. Do we have to notify anyone?2020-07-27T16:11:27+00:00

Before performing any drills or testing of your fire alarm system, contact your Alarm Company as well as Wayne County Dispatch prior to the testing. Dispatch can be contacted at 919-731-1416, then select option 4.

We are having work done on our fire alarm system. Do we need to notify anyone?2020-07-27T16:03:23+00:00

Before performing any drills or testing of your fire alarm system, contact your Alarm Company as well as Wayne County Dispatch prior to the testing. Dispatch can be contacted at 919-731-1416, then select option 4.

My smoke/carbon monoxide detector keeps beeping. What can I do?2020-07-27T16:02:17+00:00

Having trouble with your smoke or carbon monoxide detector?

  1. Check the battery
  2. Check the date of the device: Anything over 10 years needs to be replaced

If you still experience problems with your detectors, call us at 919-580-4262.

Why is my water discolored?2020-09-28T18:14:51+00:00

Yearly hydrant testing is conducted in the fall of each year. During this time, you may notice some discoloration to your water. You may run your cold water for a few minutes to help clear up any discoloration. If the issue persist, contact our Public Works Department at 919-580-7423.

How do I report a Fire Hydrant that is leaking or needing repair?2020-08-12T20:05:18+00:00

Public fire hydrants within the city limits of Goldsboro are maintained by the City of Goldsboro Public Works Department. Please contact them at 919-580-7423 to report any leaks and/or damage of a fire hydrant. If possible, note the exact location of the hydrant for Public Works.

How do I schedule a Station Tour?2020-07-27T15:57:21+00:00

Goldsboro Fire Department seeks to educate children and adults on fire safety. Contact our Administrative Assistant at 919-988-6591 to schedule Station Tours, Truck Displays, Fire Safety Education, and Field Trips at your location or one of our stations.

What am I allowed to burn within the city limits?2020-07-27T15:56:16+00:00

According to Goldsboro City Ordinance 2010-51, the following applies to burning within the city limits

  •  No person shall ignite, cause to be ignited, permit to be ignited, allow or maintain, kindle or maintain within the corporate limits of the city any nonpermissible open burning fire. Since the city does provide public pick up of trash, leaves and other yard debris, the burning of such material is prohibited.
  • Open fires for cooking and heating shall be allowed when such fire is not composed of leaves or yard waste, and the location of such fire, and the items necessary for its containment, comply with the North Carolina Fire Code, and provided that the emission of smoke and fumes do not irritate, annoy or constitute a nuisance to others. Open fires for cooking and heating shall comply with the following:

(A)   Such fires shall be contained in a campfire pit, confined to a container no larger than a 55-gallon drum or other device approved by the Fire Code Official for such use. Fuels for such fires must be naturally cut wood and untreated lumber.

(B)   Warming fires in approved containers shall be located not less than 15 feet from any structure.

(C)   An appropriate means of controlling the fire (i.e. extinguishers) shall be available while the fire is burning.

(D)   Burning of construction materials like insulation, asphaltic materials, tires, copper wire or treated lumber is prohibited. Warming fires shall not be used to dispose of paper, trash and excess construction materials or other synthetic salvageable materials.

For more information about the City Ordinances, Visit https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/codes/goldsboro/latest/overview

Does GFD fill up swimming pools?2020-07-27T15:48:16+00:00

Unfortunately, we do not offer a pool fill-up service. However, our City Water Department can assist you with your bill after you have filled your pool. Contact the Water Department after you have been billed at 919-580-4340.

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