Goldsboro Fire Department’s Honor Guard was established in 2001.  This volunteer group of Goldsboro Fire Department members is dedicated to providing a dignified, honorable service for Active or Retired members that may need our assistance for surviving family members and/or our brothers and sisters throughout the fire service.  The Honor Guard also represents the department in parades, ceremonial functions and public events, while also participating in services upon request.


Honor Guard Services 

Bell Service: To honor a job well done.

Eulogy: A way to pay last respects.

Flag Presentations: Folding and presentation of flag by Honor Guard.

Honor Guard: Specialized group to honor the fallen.

Honor Detail: Fire Personnel used to honor the fallen.

Last Call: Signifies the fallen’s last alarm.

Pallbearers, Active: Members used to carry the fallen to committal site.

Walk-through: Procession to provide last respects for family.

Escort Apparatus: GFD apparatus used to escort processions.

For more information or to request the Honor Guard’s services, please call 919-580-4262.